Book # 2 Update (and then some)

Before we get to the news, some things that happened in the past weeks: 1. #romanceclass lecture with musicians This used to be a romance book discussion that’s transformed into a lecture, to lessen the pressure of having to read the books before the meet-up. I was excited because I like reading about musicians/bands in books, and Meah’s book will definitely have some musicians in it. It was a fun afternoon, not without some swooning and feels because that’s what always happens when I’m in a #romanceclass meet-up. Haha. Here’s a really demure photo I had with Champ of Hale,… Read More »Book # 2 Update (and then some)

The End

So this happened last weekend: https://www.instagram.com/p/BDYOP2lusNZ/   What a relief to finally write THE END. I haven’t finished anything since I finished Fall Like Rain years ago. That makes me feel a little bad because I really wasn’t working hard enough on this, but also not too bad because this was a surprisingly difficult story to finish. Could be a combination of real-life experiences, plus some lack of knowledge on some parts. Thank God for (guy) friends who allowed me to ask them all those relationship questions, haha. So now the draft is with my beta readers while I go through it… Read More »The End

Save the Date!

Okay, we have a little something up our sleeves. More details soon, but for now, save the date: April 17, 2016, Sunday, 1-5PM. Get ready for #AprilFEELSday. ♥ * * * I’m so close to the end of Novel # 2, I can almost taste it. I’m doing a combination of revising/writing because I went through all the 16+ chapters in the past days to revise it, and then I went ahead to write the last chapters. I used to have a lot of problems with Act 2, but this time Act 3 is the stubborn one. I know how it will end, but… Read More »Save the Date!

Faith Signs

I had this other, longer blog entry about jumping ship and changing POVs and stuff that I was supposed to post last Wednesday, but Thursday I decided that effort (changing POVs) wasn’t going to happen. In a way, that’s a relief because as much as it was interesting at first, Book # 2’s manuscript is already 4/5s done, and it’s wasn’t as easy to switch. And it was really just me being fickle. So I’m back to the original one, and I can’t help but get worried how it will turn out. I’ve been working on this for a looong time (too… Read More »Faith Signs