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The End

So this happened last weekend:


What a relief to finally write THE END. I haven’t finished anything since I finished Fall Like Rain years ago. That makes me feel a little bad because I really wasn’t working hard enough on this, but also not too bad because this was a surprisingly difficult story to finish. Could be a combination of real-life experiences, plus some lack of knowledge on some parts. Thank God for (guy) friends who allowed me to ask them all those relationship questions, haha.

So now the draft is with my beta readers while I go through it in my Kindle for some revisions. It’s funny how there’s already 300 notes there 50% in, with things to delete and reword. It’s like I didn’t know how to write at all. But better a bloody manuscript than something that didn’t need corrections, right?

I’m so, so glad that the first part of this is done. I hope to get this out as soon as I can, because it’s about time, Ana. 😛 Plus, the next books are waiting. 🙂


Two lines again! 😀

Without thinking, I blurted out, “Do we have to go home now?”

A tiny smile. “No. We don’t.”

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