That December Night

In the Keep the Faith universe, Faith returned from her mission trip around the end of November, so she spent her first Christmas as a single person after five years back in Manila. In the first act of the book, she meets Nico, and it was around this time of December where he calls her French Fries for the first time.

Now, where did that pet name come from? I honestly had no idea, except it seemed cute when I was writing it. And it still is cute now, but only if you understand the context, maybe? I don’t know. Maybe it’s a Nico thing and I’m still a bit in love with that LI.

Anyway, so I remembered that, and realized that I may not have shared this video yet here! Earlier this year, the wonderful bloggers who organized #BookwormsUnitePH asked me if they could have an excerpt from Keep the Faith read during the event. I said yes, of course, and that was the first time Salve Villarosa and Migs Almendras read from my work, and it was that first French Fries scene. Here’s the video (thanks, Veron!):

And speaking of Faith and Nico and Christmas, their first Christmas as a couple (a few months after the end of Keep the Faith) is part of Make My Wish Come True, the #romanceclass Christmas anthology, which is now available on Amazon. 17 stories for $4.99 + guaranteed Christmas feelings – get it for yourself, or gift it to your friends!

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