Hello, 2018!

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Hey look it’s 2018!¬†Hello, how’s the first day of the year treating you so far? ūüôā 2017 was very eventful, more in terms of #romanceclass events than the actual writing. We had several events for the community in the past year that I’ve actively participated in the behind-the-scenes (and I only got to recap one, haha) that it feels like I’ve spent most of the year with them. That’s probably true, and I don’t mind. Oh, and I got my books live read twice this year, and nope, the feeling still doesn’t go away. (And I’m getting something read out… Read More »Hello, 2018!

That December Night

In the¬†Keep the Faith¬†universe, Faith returned from her mission trip around the end of November, so she spent her first Christmas as a single person after five years back in Manila. In the first act of the book, she meets Nico, and it was around this time of December where he calls her¬†French Fries for the first time. Now, where did that pet name come from? I honestly had no idea, except it seemed cute when I was writing it. And it still is cute now, but only if you understand the context, maybe? I don’t know. Maybe it’s a… Read More »That December Night

So it’s Singles’ Day…

…and I had no idea that this “holiday” existed. I only found out about this through Metrodeals in an email: “11–11¬†Singles’ Day Supersale Preview” and I thought it was a joke. Like how did Metrodeal know this about me? A little research and Wikipedia gave me this: Chinese Singles’ Day¬†or¬†Guanggun Jie¬†(Chinese:¬†ŚÖČś£ćŤäā;¬†pinyin:¬†GuńĀngg√Ļn Ji√©;¬†Wade‚ÄďGiles:¬†Kuang-kun chieh; literally: “bare sticks holiday”) is an entertaining festival widespread among young Mainland Chinese people,¬†to celebrate the fact that they are proud of being single. The date,¬†November 11th¬†(11/11), is chosen because the number “1” resembles an individual that is alone. Huh. Anyway, I thought this was even funnier… Read More »So it’s Singles’ Day…

It’s April and we feel Things (Year 2)

It’s been exactly one month since #AprilFeelsDay2017 happened, and how do we recap the feels? Oh, I don’t know. I am pretty coherent now after all the flood of feelings that didn’t end on April 30, so let’s try.

But first, a video by Chi Yu Rodriguez!

I did a bit more work behind the scenes in this one, since Mina was on a trip early April. I ended up doing logistics for the event again, which was kind of funny. I always said I wasn’t a logistics person when it comes to events because how to deal with ingress and egress and all the equipment and layout and stuff? But to be honest, it was fun, and Filipino ReaderCon 2015 prepared me for this. The one for #AprilFeelsDay2017 was pretty easy. ūüėČ

Let me bombard you with photos from the event  at this point, because I think the entire morning of April 30 kind of left me in a daze from all the preps. (More when you go through the #AprilFeelsDay2017 Instagram tag!)







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Summer Feels Blog Tour: Playlist by Charlie Dio

More summer loving on the blog this weekend! I’m happy to welcome Charlie Dio,¬†one of the authors in¬†Summer Feels: A #romanceclass Anthology, here to share a playlist for her short story,¬†Busy Out of the Friendzone. Check it out! * * * It is a fact universally acknowledged that friendship can sometimes be the very barrier that prevents a person from professing his feelings of love to his/her friend. This is the core plot-point of Busy Out of the Friend Zone in #romanceclass‚Äô Summer Feels anthology. To get into the thick of things while I was writing the story, I had… Read More »Summer Feels Blog Tour: Playlist by Charlie Dio