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A New Thing: The Tropetastic Kindness Bundle

So remember how I mentioned in a previous post that I was invited to join a project and I didn’t know if I would be able to do it because I “didn’t finish” anything in 2020?

Well, last Valentine’s Day, the first story I finished writing after a looong time was published in #RomanceClass’s #TropeTastic2021 anthology! 🙂

The Tropetastic Kindness Bundle

Kilig for a cause! Get your copy at

The last time I wrote “THE END” on any story was in 2018 when I finished the last novel that I’m still working on now. Sure, I wrote some things last year, but it’s been a while since I wrote a brand new story with new characters (well, almost all of them are new, anyway). And I missed this feeling! Yeah, yeah, I write for a living so there is a thrill with finishing a blog post or article, but it’s a different high in finishing a story after years of struggling with it.

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Wednesdays are the new Fry-day – Keep the Faith audio podcast

I’m writing this as I sit here at home, working and fretting over the typhoon that’s currently moving through our country and I think it’s kind of the right timing to finally blog about this. Because if you’ve read my second book, you’d know how much typhoons and weather watching is part of Keep the Faith. A few months ago, Mina sent me a message about a new #romanceclass project: season 3 of the #romanceclass podcast, which is basically an audiobook project but done in a more ~relaxed way. One chapter a week, recorded at home with podcasting equipment, cake… Read More »Wednesdays are the new Fry-day – Keep the Faith audio podcast

Cover Reveal: You Could Be the One

Happy Easter, everyone! 🙂 This is one of my favorite holidays ever for so many reasons, and I’m adding another reason to celebrate – the cover of my new book, You Could Be the One. But before I let you see it…here’s a backstory. This wasn’t supposed to be the book I wanted to release for April. That was supposed to be Meah, but Meah didn’t want to happen just yet. My characters have that tendency to ask for more time, and I couldn’t force them so I let her be for a while. I really, really wanted to get something out,t hough,… Read More »Cover Reveal: You Could Be the One

Make My Wish Come True: A #romanceclass Christmas Anthology

It was around ReaderCon last year when I started toying with the idea of having a Christmas anthology. A Christmas romance anthology, because I’m a romance writer and all that. But it was a little too late last year when we talked about it so we shelved it and I thought I really want to do it then, so when the time was right, I volunteered to organize the entire thing. So now…since it seems like 2016 is the year where #romanceclass is nonstop, here’s one more Thing for everyone: Make My Wish Come True: A #romanceclass Christmas Anthology.  Get ready for… Read More »Make My Wish Come True: A #romanceclass Christmas Anthology