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Cover Reveal: You Could Be the One

Happy Easter, everyone! 🙂 This is one of my favorite holidays ever for so many reasons, and I’m adding another reason to celebrate – the cover of my new book, You Could Be the One.

But before I let you see it…here’s a backstory. This wasn’t supposed to be the book I wanted to release for April. That was supposed to be Meah, but Meah didn’t want to happen just yet. My characters have that tendency to ask for more time, and I couldn’t force them so I let her be for a while. I really, really wanted to get something out,t hough, because I didn’t want to miss the opportunity so I went for this other idea I was playing with in my head: a collection of friends-to-lovers stories. That’s my favorite trope, and I had a few plot bunnies waiting for me, so I figured why not?

I almost thought I wouldn’t make it, though, because life happened as usual, and I wrote so slow, and there was a time I revised a plot five times, and I was worrying if it was ever going to make it. Writing YA is not as easy as I thought, haha! There was even supposed to be a fourth story, but I realized that it wasn’t going to work and I had to make that decision to keep it out even if I loved how that one was kind of an unexpected spin-off.

And then I was running against a deadline I set for myself, and there was still the cover, editing and I’m not even sure if I still know how to format an ebook. There’s the print version, and all those things…and by some miracle, I actually made it.

And so here. The cover, which I love so much (my mailing list subscribers have seen this, and maybe some people have tweeted this as well at the time of this post):



You Could Be the One: Stories of Friends, Lovers, and Friends Becoming Lovers

Release Date: April 23, 2017
Genre: NA/Contemporary/Romance
Cover: Design by Janus Aragones-Zate, photography by Pach R. Urrea, styling by Alex V. Lapa, featuring Migs Almendras and Katrice Kierulf (#romanceclasscovers)

Experience the spark of discovering something new with someone familiar in You Could Be the One, a collection of stories about friends, lovers, and friends becoming lovers. Complications abound when the line between platonic and romantic gets blurred, but they did say that friendship is the foundation of a great love story. Will you take the risk for a relationship upgrade?

It’s a Match

Cams Ronquillo is single and ready to mingle—at least, online. After finally moving on from her last breakup, she decides to try online dating thanks to the encouragement of Gabriel Evangelista, her friend, business partner, and a serial online dater. As she learns to navigate uncharted dating territory with the potential dates at her fingertips, Cams decides to break one of the online dating rules she was taught…and gets an unexpected match.


Love is patient—just ask Gelo Morales, who waits for Lara Nolasco after his class every day just so he can spend time with her on their commute home. She doesn’t know that, and she also doesn’t know that he’s been in love with her since they met. He’s planning to tell her one day—he’s just waiting for the perfect moment. Will he find a way to reach Lara’s heart in time, or will be run into bumper-to-bumper traffic on his way there?

Fake It Till We Make It

Ruth Garcia is in her thirties and still hasn’t been in any relationship. She’s totally fine with that, but her family thinks otherwise. When her aunt orders her to bring a significant other to the next family event, she enlists her friend Ian Balboa to be her fake boyfriend. But when things go a little too well, she wonders just how they’ll get out of it without ruining their friendship. But does she even want to end the charade?

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Another backstory: this is kind of an excuse to have It’s a Match in print. 😉 That book is no longer available on Amazon, by the way, but thank you to all who got that! That said, if you’ve read It’s a Match, you can get a free copy of You Could Be the One by clicking here – password is the breed of Gabriel’s dog (small caps, no spaces). Link is valid until May 12, 2017.

Print copies will be available on #AprilFeelsDay2017, and soon on Createspace/Amazon. To pre-order that, just fill out this form! I hope you enjoy this, and if you did, don’t forget to tag me on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram or hashtag with #YCBTO / #YouCouldBetheOne and leave a review? :*

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