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What I’ve been reading lately

I used to be able to read over 100 books a year. Back when I was still book blogging, I was never without a book (or two) in my bag. I’d easily finish a book in three days, two if I stay up too late to finish reading it. And then I’d actually sit down, compose a review on a blog and on Goodreads and then talk about the book with people.

Where did I ever find the time to do all of that back then?

Anyway, as years passed the total number of books I read every year started going down, down, down, until I stopped setting reading goals because it didn’t seem like a goal I’m interested to reach anymore. Maybe it’s because I’ve stopped impulsively buying books, or because through those 100+ book years I’ve refined what I like reading more and stuck to that, and lost some patience slogging through books that I find hard to read/end up not liking anyway? And maybe because there’s also just so much more things happening in life + I need more sleep so reading now takes a backseat.

I do miss getting lost in a very good book, though. So now when I find a book that pulls me in and makes me want to read every free second I have, I hold onto it and cherish the time I have with it because it’s such a rarity to find something to hold my attention nowadays.

So I don’t know if this will be a blog series too, or whatever, but I thought I’d share some of the books I’ve read this year that gave me that feeling again — that can’t-put-this-down, I-have-to-read-more, why-is-it-over-too-soon reading feeling that all readers are looking for. And hopefully, you get to pick up one of these books, too, and tell me what you think about it when you read it?

Like Never Before by Melissa Tagg

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Aka Logan Walker is my new book boyfriend! I have seen Melissa Tagg’s books on Scribd before but only started reading her when I got my new Kindle and found a bunch of her books on Kindle Unlimited. I started with her Christmas collection and just fell in love. Small town romance, quirky characters, all the good swoony moments and not-preachy discussions on faith? SOLD.

Like Never Before is the second book on her Walker family series, and it’s funny because I think I liked Logan already even while I was reading From the Start, the first book that featured his sister Kate. This book isn’t on Kindle Unlimited but it’s on Scribd and I am so glad it is there because oh my gosh, swoon? I love everything about Logan – a doting single dad, a strict but caring Kuya (older brother) and his romance with Amelia the town newspaper editor? *chef’s kiss* Needless to say I’m always on the lookout for Kuya Logan in all the next Maple Valley books. Thank goodness the author is also in love with this character, heehee.


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