Wordplay # 6: Culminating Event

I love college romance, or at least, love stories that started during college. I think it’s because my college days were my favorite years, and sometimes I still find myself missing those days I’d walk down hallways to class or hanging out with my org at our designated tambayan. I don’t miss the exams and the despair of being unsure if I would pass a subject or studying all night for calculus exams, but I miss life being less complicated. I think that’s why I like writing about characters who met in college, or have backstories that trace back to… Read More »Wordplay # 6: Culminating Event

Wordplay # 5: Introductions

*taps mic* Does this still work? Is anyone still here? Soooo it’s been a while — and not just in this blog, but also on my Instagram (and even longer on Facebook). It’s not that I haven’t been around because if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I am always there, and always talking about BTS. 😀 Life has been a whirlwind in the past months, and maybe I will write about it more in the next few days. Or if I don’t, some of it will probably find its way into the manuscripts I’m working on. That… Read More »Wordplay # 5: Introductions

Wordplay # 4: Band Agreement

I’ve mentioned several times that I love band books, books with musicians, or just people moving around the music circuit. I think it stems from my own frustration of not being a musical person? When people ask me if I sing because of my low/husky voice (haha), I say no because I really have a hard time carrying a tune unless I am in church, where people don’t care if you are not in tune unless you’re in the choir, or during karaoke sessions, when I’m singing with others and have a few shots of alcohol in my system. During… Read More »Wordplay # 4: Band Agreement

Wordplay # 3: Resolutions

Oh, this is a favorite! I used a prompt for this, from a blog called Write Anything, for their Fiction Friday activity: Take a favorite character you have created. Pick a New Year’s Resolution that they truly intended to keep. Now, why did they break it within 24 hours? Because I started writing the first version of Ruth and Ian’s story in 2008, they were the characters I knew well at that time and the easiest to write. I also maybe relate to Ruth a little too much, and some parts of the premise in this piece were from real-life… Read More »Wordplay # 3: Resolutions

Wordplay # 2: Daggers

And it’s time for another Wordplay entry from 2009. And this one is…interesting, haha! So the first incomplete draft of Fall Like Rain was written in November 2006, for NaNoWriMo. A lot has changed from that, of course, but in the first version, Camilla/Cams was Rain’s rival because she was the ex (and by then she still didn’t know that they already broke up), and Francis was still a genuinely nice guy. I can’t remember the prompt I used for this piece except I wanted to write from Camilla’s POV. Also, Rain is way friendlier in this version. That said,… Read More »Wordplay # 2: Daggers