Let’s Run Away (Faith x Nico)

During the watch party of Hello, Ever After episode 8, there was an ongoing chat at one part of the episode that eventually became a fic request. And because I was up for a challenge, and I need some writing exercises to get the creative juices flowing, I wrote it. The idea for the story came to me easily, but what made this extra challenging was setting it in 2020. We all kind of agreed that all of the stories we’re writing are set pre-pandemic, because how can one write a romance set in this strange year? But I tried,… Read More »Let’s Run Away (Faith x Nico)

Hello, Ever After (or, that time when rage writing happened)

That night when Tara was ranting about Love Lockdown in our Twitter chat and she and Mina birthed the idea of Hello, Ever After, I didn’t think I’d be able to write anything. I haven’t finished anything in ages, just work articles here and there. Fiction has felt like pulling teeth in the past months, and not even the extra time I got back from my commute by being stuck at home made me write more. Blame it on the pandemic brain, maybe, because sometimes I would rather lie down and binge on Netflix or play games or scroll endlessly through social media… Read More »Hello, Ever After (or, that time when rage writing happened)

Prompt & Pairing, Please: Baking Practice

Friendly warning: I got hungry while I was writing this. Gabriel and Cams were a surprise in my writing “career” — Cams is from Fall Like Rain, but Gabriel came out of nowhere and is probably my most talkative LI. I would often “complain” about him online because he often finds his way in my headspace, and seems to be a very extroverted character that my love for him rivals my love for Nico. Technically, they were my second “book” then I added their story in You Could Be the One because they’re friends who became lovers, thanks to online… Read More »Prompt & Pairing, Please: Baking Practice

Prompt & Pairing, Please: Dream Destination

For #RCReadathon2020, some #romanceclass authors have signed up for a little mini-event called Prompt & Pairing, Please where we write some ficlets with our characters. Because I am a person who is in need of writing challenges to get me out of this writer’s block/funk, I signed up! With two pairs because we’re overachievers like that. For Rain and Mark, the prompt was: Roadtrip or Rain and Mark on their first intl travel together as a couple ❤️ Yes, the heart was really included in this prompt, haha, so thank you to whoever submitted it! I meant to post this… Read More »Prompt & Pairing, Please: Dream Destination