Faith Signs

I had this other, longer blog entry about jumping ship and changing POVs and stuff that I was supposed to post last Wednesday, but Thursday I decided that effort (changing POVs) wasn’t going to happen. In a way, that’s a relief because as much as it was interesting at first, Book # 2’s manuscript is already 4/5s done, and it’s wasn’t as easy to switch. And it was really just me being fickle. So I’m back to the original one, and I can’t help but get worried how it will turn out. I’ve been working on this for a looong time (too… Read More »Faith Signs

It’s about time

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I realized that I’m pretty bad with personal deadlines lately. Case in point: there’s this email that I was supposed to send even before the new year rolled by but I only got to send it this week. This was a bit personal so there was a lot of stuff that I had to discern before I even sent it out, and I guess it was pretty delicate in terms of content…but still, more than a month before I finally crossed it out on my to-do list. How about thaht? Second example: book 2. I don’t think I need to explain… Read More »It’s about time

Hello there.

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It’s kind of weird writing this blog post when I haven’t even fixed the entire site yet, but I kind of don’t want people to go here with just one post when this finally opens. So when this is finally open, and you’re reading this: hello, welcome to the website. Or, as my friend Kai say, Adele style: hello from the other side. 😛 I was supposed to have another WordPress site that I also never launched, because maintaining too many blogs is hard. And it was supposed to be a secret blog in the sense that it’s totally not connected to my… Read More »Hello there.