Iloilo-Tripping with Nico

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So last February was the 24th Singles for Christ International Conference (SFC ICON) in Iloilo, and as always, I was excited for it in more ways than one. Of course I was always excited about our annual conference, which is always my first vacation for the year, but I was more excited about it because the province was a big thing in Keep the Faith.

But here’s the thing: it was my first time in Iloilo. I had planned to go there several years ago – and I even had a ticket! – but I didn’t push through. Then when I was writing Keep the Faith, Nico was supposed to be just another guy in Manila, but somewhere along the way, I made him Ilonggo. I can’t remember why or how it led to that (I remember why I put the Ilonggo verse, though, haha), but it became that. But I’ve never been there, so I had to rely on research, Google Maps, and friends.

Anyway, so I finally got there last February, seven months after the book was released, so of course I christened it my “Field Trip with Nico.” Because I’m still sort of in love with this LI, and why not?

(Before I do the photo dump, in case you’re not from the Philippines and you’re unfamiliar with Iloilo, read about the lovely province here!)

First, before taking off. Of course I should have a book to read. I waited to read Keeping the Distance by Clarisse David specifically for this trip. 🙂

Then an hour later, after we’ve landed…it felt like Nico was welcoming me home? Heehee.

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