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StGOY.kindleSONGS TO GET OVER YOU (Playlist #2) by Jay E. Tria
Published on Feb 29, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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It’s harder to get over someone who was never really yours.

They say rock stars get all the girls. But Miki knows that’s not always true. He, for one, though the guitarist of popular indie band Trainman, just can’t seem to get the girl. It’s kind of his fault, really. No one told him to fall in love with Jill. No one told him to stand still and watch as she moved on from a terrible breakup into the arms of another guy—a Japanese celebrity with the face of an angel and the body of a god.

So when someone else comes along, someone who finds him cute, smart, and funny (sometimes in the haha sort of way), will Miki finally move on? Or will he continue to pine for Jill?

I am a sucker for the friend zone. Mostly because I wrote about it, but also because they seem to be the most painful kind of unrequited love. You kind of have them, but also, you kind of don’t. You love them, and they love you, but also not kind of the way you love them. Painful, yes?

But I also really like guys who make the move, so I declared that I was #TeamShinta when I read the first book in Jay E. Tria‘s Playlist Series, Songs of Our Breakup. What’s not to like about Shinta, anyway? He’s a hot Japanese actor (with abs now!) who made the move when it mattered, so yeah, too bad, best friend. But like I said, I have a soft spot for best friends in fiction, so I guess I was also sort of #TeamMiki, but more in the way that I wanted a happy ending for him, too, because he deserved it.

So when I started reading Songs to Get Over You, I was at work. It was Valentine’s weekend, and I was on lunch break, waiting for the work event to happen. Two chapters in, I shut my Kindle and told myself I can’t read it there. I need to read it in private, maybe with alcohol because damn it, Miki.

It’s harder to get over someone who was never really yours. You see that person smiling and it breaks your heart two-fold. Once because seeing her happy makes you happy. The second time because you know she’s oblivious to how you feel. And it hits you that you are suffering alone, while basking in her warm light, and it makes it all the more difficult to ignore the pinpricks on your fissured heart..

Songs to Get Over You hits the right notes when it comes to romance and the friend zone. There’s still the lovable Trainman band members, Kim the leader, the Nino and Son tandem, Jill-with-Shinta, and with Miki watching his best friend on the sidelines. But there was someone there with him now – Ana, the girl who wasn’t really a fan of their music but stayed because of the guy she wanted to be with. She tries to get Miki’s focus away from what continues to hurt him, but who knows if she will succeed?

When you commit, you make a decision,” Ana declared. “You decide to say yes to one person, all the time.”

The story is told in the same fashion as SOOB, interspersed with flashbacks and songs, and you just feel the melancholy all over it, and you just really, really want the best for these characters. But you know that one of them will mess up, and it will hurt you just as much as it hurt them. That’s the magic of Jay’s writing – her words will pull you in and make you root for the characters so hard that you will hurt with them when it matters and celebrate with them when you get to the end. The great thing is since it’s told in a guy’s POV, we get to see how it is when a guy gets friend zoned…and again, damn it, Miki.

Don’t tell Shinta, but I may just like Songs to Get Over You a little bit more that the first one. Could be my bias, could be because I could sort of relate. But regardless of those could be’s, all of it is because this is a really good book that you really, really shouldn’t miss. 🙂

It’s such a chore getting over you.

About the Author:

Author photo (2)Hi! I’m a writer of contemporary Young Adult and New Adult romance. These days I’m writing paranormal/fantasy too, and it’s a fun exercise. I’m often inspired by daydreams, celebrity crushes, a childhood fascination of Japanese drama and manga, and an incessant itch to travel.

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