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Faith Signs

I had this other, longer blog entry about jumping ship and changing POVs and stuff that I was supposed to post last Wednesday, but Thursday I decided that effort (changing POVs) wasn’t going to happen. In a way, that’s a relief because as much as it was interesting at first, Book # 2’s manuscript is already 4/5s done, and it’s wasn’t as easy to switch. And it was really just me being fickle.

So I’m back to the original one, and I can’t help but get worried how it will turn out. I’ve been working on this for a looong time (too long, really), and you know how the longer you’re writing something, the harder it is to let go/finish/and all that?

Yep, that.

And I have entertained thoughts of maybe just quitting this and starting something else, but my headspace isn’t allowing it.

Anyway, in the past weeks, I’ve started accepting “signs” that I should write, or more that I shouldn’t give up. Affirmations, really, from everyday things. And today, when I woke up fretting over my (self-imposed) deadline, I saw this:

Well if it isn’t a big sign.

So I know I have a deadline looming this weekend, but I’ve decided to take it easy. It’s easier to be faithful to your hustle (thanks, hb.) when you’re not panicking about it. Because there’s really nothing to panic about.

Just be faithful to it. As I saw once in the gym: love the process and the results will come.

* * *

And now, another (unedited) line! 😀

I glanced at him and smiled back, and for a moment there, I felt just a little sad that he was already taken.

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