#romanceclass x MIBF 2016 + #AllTheFeels

Around this month a year ago, I was hanging out with some friends at the Manila International Book Fair, chatting about books and author stuff when we heard some massive screaming from readers (yes, readers!) in the convention hall for some event. We started making jokes about how we want the same thing, too, but how will we get our scream factor? Where do we get our scream factor? Maybe men with abs?

(Two weeks later, we figured it out.)

Who would have thought it would be possible after a year? 🙂 I never even dreamed of this (until I get my books traditionally published somehow, anyway) but here we go: my books will be available at the 37th Manila International Book Fair. 🙂


Fall Like Rain and Keep the Faith will be with other #romanceclass, #StrangeLit, and #HeistClub books at the MIBF 2016! This will be from September 14-18, 2016, at the SMX Convention Center. Many thanks to Book Development Association of the Philippines for giving us this opportunity. Copies of some books (including mine) will be limited because we’re not sure how many stocks to bring just yet. But if we run out, we can take orders. 😀 Here are the books that you can find there:


But where is the scream factor here, you ask? Drop by on Sunday, September 18, 1:30-4:30pm at Meeting Room 4 for #AllTheFeels, and we’ll talk about how to publish indie romance books and you’ll get to watch the live reading of selected #romanceclass titles. Yes, just like #AprilFeelsDay, but also maybe more because we have some new names in the line-up. 🙂


Not entirely sure if the screams/shrieks/sighs will be as big as what we heard last year, but it will definitely be full of kilig.

Do drop by our booth next week, okay? I’ll be there during the weekend (because day job calls) to chat and sign books. Just follow the feels. 😉

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